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The single-user head canopy tent is the most efficient and portable design currently on the market. The small enclosure allows you to sleep at high altitudes and is a favorite among traveling elite athletes over the whole World.

Due to its smaller volume, the tent can reach the equivalent altitude of over 4000m within 10 minutes. Allows a partner to sleep next to you if they wish to not sleep at altitude.

Dimensions: 86cm x 55cm x 55cm
Weight: 5kg

This package includes:


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    Altitude generator

  • Pulse oximeter
  • Connection kit
  • Eye mask
  • Ear plugs
  • Tent travel bag
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Single-user tent package: a portable high-altitude training solution

Altitude training is a popular way for athletes to improve their performance and endurance. However, traveling to high-altitude locations can be expensive and time-consuming. A single-user tent package is a portable and affordable solution that allows athletes to train at high altitudes without leaving their homes or gyms.

What is a single-user tent package?

A single-user tent package is a complete system that includes a tent, altitude generator, and accessories. The tent is usually small enough to fit over a single bed, and altitude generators reduce the amount of oxygen inside the tent. It mimics high altitude conditions, which forces the body to produce more red blood cells.

Advantages of using  single-user tent packages

  • Improved performance: Altitude training can significantly improve performance and endurance. Altitude training prompts the body to generate additional red blood cells, facilitating the transportation of oxygen to the muscles.
  • Reduced risk of injury: Altitude training can also help reduce the risk of injury. Because altitude training helps strengthen the heart and improve blood circulation.
  • Convenient and Affordable: Single-user tent packages are a convenient and affordable way to train at high altitudes without traveling to high altitudes.

How to use  single-user tent packages?

To use  single-user tent packages, simply set up the tent above your bed and connect it to the altitude generator. Then, adjust the height generator to the desired height. Then you can sleep or train in the tent as long as you want.

Who can benefit from using single-user tent packages?

Single-user tent packages can benefit a wide range of people, including:

Athletes: Altitude training offers advantages to athletes across various levels, encompassing runners, cyclists, swimmers, and skiers alike.

People with altitude sickness: People planning a high-altitude trip can use altitude training to acclimatize before departure. It can help reduce the symptoms of altitude sickness.

People with health conditions: Some people with health conditions, such as heart disease and breathing problems, can also benefit from altitude training. However, if you have any health concerns, speaking with your doctor before using the Altitude Tent Package is essential.

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  1. Hayley (store manager)

    Great Product, my boyfriend could still sleep next to me whilst I was sleeping at 2500m.

  2. Vince Luis

    I am away on training a camp for many months of the year, so having a tent that is portable is essential.


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