Q. Can I use the Oxy Hood/pillow tent on a single Bed?  

 A. Yes.

Q. How long do I need to sleep at Altitude before I see results?

A. We recommend 4-6 weeks before a blood adaptation takes place but everyone reacts differently. After 1 month, you can begin to exploit the enhanced availability of oxygen and push harder in training. This leads to an increase in capillary density and mitochondria in the muscle tissue.

Q. How much is the running cost?

The stealth generator has a low operating cost. Roughly £1 per night that the generator is used.

Q. What is the power source?

The electrical requirement is 312w/ 220-240v.

Q. How much noise does the generator make?

The generator produces 16dBA of sound and can be described as a humming noise.

 Q. Is it safe? 

A. When used correctly, Yes. Altitude training is very safe because you are breathing the same air that you normally breathe just a lower concentration of it. If you have a medical condition then you should speak to your doctor before using any of our products.  

Q. How do the tents work?

A. The stealth generator is used with an altitude tent to create a hypoxic (low oxygen) environment. The generator pumps in low oxygenated air, the oxygen analyzer can measure this.

Q. Should I be in the tent all year round?

A. The use of an altitude tent should be periodised just like running training is.

Q. Do you offer a coaching service to complement the altitude system?

A. This is something we are working on. However we can offer advice please get in touch to receive this.

Q. What happens if you sleep at a too high level?

A. You will struggle to sleep and wake up feeling tired. This is why you should build up the height gradually.

Q. How do I monitor my Altitude development progress?

A. By measuring and keeping record of your oxygen saturation levels.

Q. Will it affect my training?

A. It shouldn’t affect your training, if done properly. You should work off the oxygen saturation levels for the first few weeks and build up from there. Initially you may be a little tired from the lower oxygen level and the change in sleeping environment.

Q. Who can benefit and do I have to be an elite athlete?

A. Anyone can benefit from altitude simulation. We have many happy clients some looking for performance benefit and others who claim that they’re general well being has improved as a result of using this product.

Q. What is the difference between training at altitude and sleeping at altitude?

A. Will I lose weight? Naturally your body will burn more calories from sleeping with a reduced amount of oxygen available. Monitor your weight fluctuations because drastic changes in body weight can lead to injury and illness.

Q. What other attributes can I expect from sleeping at Altitude?

Weight loss, increased endurance capabilities, faster recovery time, and ability to work at a lower heart rate.

Q. What supplements should I be taking?

A. We recommend that you seek advice from your local doctor before taking supplements because you may be sufficient or deficient in different micronutrients. Generally, iron, vitamin D and magnesium should be monitored.

Q. How much exposure is required per night?

A. We recommend 8-10 hours per night, but the more exposure the better. So if you can get a one-hour power nap then do so.

Q. How long does it take to acclimatize?

A. It will take 3-5 days to acclimatize if you start off at a low height. Work from the oxygen saturation level.

Q. How long would I taper (come out of the tent) before a big race?

A. We recommend that you practice your strategy in training first. But generally coming out of the tent 3 nights before a big race will allow enough time to get a few nights sleep and recover feeling fresh.

Q. What if my partner doesn’t want to sleep high but still wants to sleep in the bed?

A. This obviously depends on your bed size however the Oxy Cube fits over a standard size pillow and the Oxy Hood V1 allows enough space for a partner to sleep in the same bed.

Q. Are there any scientific studies that prove this works?

A. Check the bottom of the science page for research articles relating to altitude training and simulation.

Q. Are there any product reviews on the Oxy Hood?

A. We recently had a review in the triathlon220 magazine. Check out our ambassador page and instagram to find out who uses our products.

Q. What happens if the electric fails?

A. If there were a power failure your tent would keep you safe with the small gaps around the tent. This allows for regular airflow.