Other Athletes

Ryan Gregson


Ryan endorses spending time at altitude, however if this is not possible, using Affinity Altitude simulation as the next best thing! 

Finley Bigg

“I know that sleeping at altitude gives me an edge. I can feel a huge improvement, especially in the second half of a race.”

Kyle Langford

“Running felt smoother after even just a few weeks of using the AA tent! The team at AA have been great, responded promptly to any questions I had – would recommend to anyone looking to maximise their endurance performance.”



George Mills

“Great to use either in addition to an altitude training trip (before and after to prolong the performance benefits of an altitude camp) or on its own. Extra bonus that sleep quality wasn’t compromised using the AA tent!”



Spencer Thomas

“With running being a major part of my life, it’s great to find such a simple easy to use product like this that has such a significant improvement on my performance!”

Robbie Fitzgibbon

 “Since sleeping in the AA altitude tent the main benefit I have found is that I am able to recover faster between sessions.”


Elliot Giles


“Really compact altitude tents! Have used other tents in the past, but they’ve never been portable and the generators were bulky and noisy. The Affinity Altitude single tent is a game changer – I can take it around with me when travelling and so quiet compared to other systems.”

Archie Davis

 “Great service quality and altitude tent – the AA team were always happy to provide help and assistance whenever I asked.”