Oxy Cube


  • Smallest tent in the Oxy range.
  • Free standing and portable.
  • Reaches high altitude in 10 minutes.
  • Ideal for single beds.
  • Size: (H x W x L) – 50cm x 50cm x 80cm.
  • Weight: 5kg.


The Oxy Cube provides a small enclosure that fits directly over the pillow allowing the user to sleep at the desired altitude. It is the smallest tent in the Oxy range and can reach altitude very quickly due to its volume.The tent is easy to set up and can remain at a cool temperature.

If you lift the canopy during the night, either by getting up or just rolling over, it will quickly be brought back to altitude. Even if there is a power failure and the generator cuts out, the air from the room can enter through the small gaps around the edge of the Oxy Cube, keeping you safe and preventing suffocation.


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