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Accessories for altitude training

Altitude training accessories are essential for athletes and individuals who want to get the most out of their altitude training. These accessories can help you train more comfortably, safely, and effectively.

Types of Height Training Accessories

Some of the most popular height training accessories include:


  • Connection tubing: Connection tubing connects your altitude training system to your mask or tent.


  • Ear Plugs: Ear plugs can help reduce noise from your altitude training system.


  • Eye mask: Using an eye mask can effectively block out light and enhance the comfort of the training environment.


  • Oxygen Analyzer: An oxygen analyzer can help you monitor the oxygen level in your tent or mask.


  • Pulse Oximeter: A pulse oximeter can assist you with observing your pulse and blood oxygen levels.


  • Reservoir bag: A reservoir bag can store water or other fluids while you train.


  • T-shirt: A T-shirt can help keep you comfortable and wick away sweat during training.


  • Tubing connector: You can use a tube connector to join two tubes.


  • Water Bottle: A water bottle is essential to stay hydrated while you train.

How to Choose the right Accessories for you?

When choosing height training accessories, it’s essential to consider your personal needs and goals. If you are new to altitude training, starting with a basic set of accessories and adding more accessories as needed is necessary.

It is also important to choose accessories that are compatible with your height training system. Be sure to read the instructions for your approach carefully to ensure you are selecting the correct accessories.

Extra tips

Here are a few extra methods for picking and utilizing altitude training accessories:


  • When choosing connecting tubes, look for tubes that are durable and flexible.
  • If you use an altitude training mask, ear plugs can help reduce discomfort and improve the mask’s seal.
  • An eye mask can be helpful for training in bright or dark environments.
  • An oxygen analyzer is essential for monitoring your tent or mask oxygen levels.
  • A pulse oximeter can help monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen levels during training.
  • A reservoir bag can be a convenient way to store water or other liquids while you train.
  • Choose a T-shirt made from a breathable fabric that fits comfortably.
  • A tubing connector can connect two pieces of tubing as if you were using a reservoir bag.
  • Keep hydrated by drinking lots of water beforehand, during, and after your workout.


By following these tips, you can choose and use the correct height training accessorize to help you get the most out of your workouts.