Affinity Altitude was formed by Olympic & World 1500m finalist Charlie Grice when he realised the huge performance benefits altitude simulation had on his performance. Ninety five percent of all medalists at the World Championships and the Olympic Games since 1968 have either lived or trained at altitude.

Affinity Altitude’s vision was to improve the functionality of the current products on the market but also the aesthetics. This was done with the experience built up over the last 5 years working alongside British Athletics and their elite athletes like Barry Fudge & Sir Mo Farah to learn about the best practices and performance benefits of altitude training Рall of this knowledge has gone into the design and production of our hypoxic sleeping tents.

As amateur sport becomes increasingly high level and competitive, people will do everything and anything they can in order to gain just a fraction of improvement.

Simulated altitude training with Affinity Altitude brings the mountains to your bedroom. Affinity Altitude’s vision is to bring elite level altitude training easily available to the wider audience and the sports enthusiasts.